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CHBC Spring Baseball 2016-2017


As of the 2015-2016, Cowden-Herrick co-ops all sports with Beecher City.

Please note that schedules sometimes change during the course of a season. Please see our athletic director, Marc Bain, or the team coaches, for up-to-date information.

Asst. Coach:

Day Date Opponent H/A Time W/L Record
Th Mar 16 Casey-Westfield H 4:15 pm  
M Mar 20 Pana H 4:15 pm  
Th Mar 23 Cumberland H 4:15 pm  
F Mar 24 Dieterich H 4:15 pm  
T Mar 28 Odin A 4:30 pm  
Th Mar 30 Mulberry Grove A 4:15 pm  
F Mar 31 Christ Our Rock Lutheran A 4:15 pm  
M Apr 3 Vandalia H 4:15 pm  
Th Apr 6 Neoga A 4:15 pm  
T Apr 11 Effingham St Anthony H 4:30 pm  
W Apr 12 Okaw Valley H 4:30 pm  
S Apr 15 Round Robin Tournament -- Wayne City H 10:00 am  
Th Apr 20 Altamont A 4:15 pm  
M Apr 24 Ramsey H 4:15 pm  
T Apr 25 Shelbyville H 4:30 pm  
Th Apr 27 Dieterich A 4:15 pm  
T May 2 Brownstown/St Elmo A 4:30 pm  
Th May 4 North Clay A 4:30 pm  
F May 5 Windsor H 4:30 pm  
M May 8 Neoga H 4:15 pm  
T May 9 Mulberry Grove H 4:15 pm  
Th May 11 Martinsville H 4:30 pm  
M May 15 Class 1A Regional TBA TBA  

Unless otherwise noted, all home baseball games are played at Beecher City High School in Beecher City.


by: Casey Jo Burrus, Last Updated: September 8, 2016